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Just like Life, these flowers bloom, sometimes at peak, sometimes in gloom. Sometimes mellow, in times of sorrow, but made to show might, when the sun is bright.



Our Project

We are set to grow sunflowers in time for Valentine’s day and Mother’s day. Thinking of sending all the love and care to a special someone who deserves the best that nature can yield.

The hands and time that these farmers allot, will come a long way sending joy and warmth to one’s heart and memories. From the time the seeds were sown, until it stretches out reaching first light, it’s life and beauty is already assigned to an extraordinary person deserving this wonder and one of nature’s miracle.

Focused on delivering results

A two hectare plantation of contracted produce.
Our team is specialized in soil preparation and crop handling, bringing better yield and quality production.

Soil Science

A healthy soil is a prime factor in a successful farm production. We strive hard in making our grounds PH neutral and promote natural methods in putting nutrients on every crop.

Production Capacity

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